Monographs Details: Leptopterigynandrum
Authority: Sharp, Aaron J., et al. 1994. The Moss Flora of Mexico. Part Two: Orthotrichales to Polytrichales. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 69 (2)
Scientific Name:Leptopterigynandrum
Description:Genus Description - Rather small plants in dense, dull, green, pale-brown, or reddish-bronze mats. Stems creeping and arched-ascending, sparsely and irregularly branched, appearing julaceous when dry; pseudoparaphyllia foliose. Stem and branch leaves similar, loosely imbricate when dry, erect-spreading when moist, homomallous, abruptly narrowed to a slender acumen, somewhat decurrent; margins plane or erect, especially near the base, somewhat serrulate in the acumen; costa variably forked above into 2 divergent parts, about 1/2 the leaf length; upper median cells irregularly oblong-rhomboidal, firm-walled, very minutely multipapillose; cells at the basal angles quadrate or somewhat broader than long in numerous rows extending well up the margins. Perichaetial leaves erect, subulate-acuminate. Setae scarcely 10 mm long; capsules erect and symmetric, oblong-cylindric; operculum short-conic; exostome teeth lance-subulate, papillose, scarcely trabeculate; endostome consisting of short, very narrow segments rising from a low basal membrane, cilia none.