Monographs Details: Cryphaea
Authority: Sharp, Aaron J., et al. 1994. The Moss Flora of Mexico. Part Two: Orthotrichales to Polytrichales. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 69 (2)
Scientific Name:Cryphaea
Description:Genus Description - Plants yellow- to dark-green. Secondary stems spreading from the substrate, irregularly pinnate. Leaves imbricate dry, erect to wide-spreading when moist, lanceolate to ovate, acuminate; margins plane or (more often) revolute; costa ending near the midleaf to nearly percurrent; upper cells oval to narrowly elliptic, smooth or papillose on both surfaces owing to projecting cell ends. Perichaetia at ends of very short, differentiated branches, with ± membranous, enlarged bracts. Capsules oblong-ovoid to broadly ovoid; peristome double, the teeth papillose throughout. Spores unicellular. Calyptrae smooth or papillose above because of projecting upper ends of cells.


The plants commonly grow singly and spread at right angles to the substrate. The leaves are imbricate when dry, giving the stems and branches a terete appearance, but on wetting they quickly open out. The perichaetia terminate short, specialized branches, and their bracts are considerably differentiated.