Monographs Details: Heliconia lourteigiae Mello & E.Santos
Authority: Mori, S. A., et al. 1997. Guide to the vascular plants of central French Guiana: Part 1. Pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocotyledons. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 76: 1-422.
Description:Species Description - Herbs, smaller than others in area, to 1 m tall. Leaves: blade narrowly elliptic, green, the midrib and secondary veins darker green. Inflorescences with peduncle shorter than petioles; bracts in one plane, at right angles to rachis, coriaceous, open, pale green with purple interior, the tip reflexed. Flowers: pedicel, ovary, and tepals white. Immature fruits white, the mature fruits blue.

Distribution and Ecology - Fl (Mar, May); growing in small clumps at margins of swampy areas. Balisier