Monographs Details: Gnetum urens (Aubl.) Blume
Authority: Mori, S. A., et al. 1997. Guide to the vascular plants of central French Guiana: Part 1. Pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocotyledons. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 76: 1-422.
Description:Species Description - Slender lianas. Stems when cut exuding cream-colored exudate; twigs smooth, light gray to tan. Leaf-blade thin, chartaceous to rarely subcoriaceous, elliptic, to 12 X 6 cm, abruptly deflexed (in living plants) and acuminate to acute at apex, unequally obtuse at base, yellow-green, the adaxial surface silky and finely striate, the abaxial surface dull and sculptured with narrow prominent primary and secondary veins and obscure tertiary veins. Pollen-bearing structures sparingly branched, the ultimate units with short internodes of 1-2 mm between bract collars. Microsporophylls barely exserted from enclosing collar. Ovule-bearing branches rarely branched, the internode between bract collars to 10 mm long. Mature seeds yellow to red, oblongoid to slightly obovoid, often with a basal knob-like ring, sharply mucronate at apex, 35-40 X 18-20 mm, outer layer thin and fibrous, inner layer chartaceous. Seeds (May, August); relatively common in forest canopy. Bell bird's heart.