Monographs Details: Billbergia bradeans L.B.Sm.
Authority: Smith, Lyman B. & Downs, Robert J. 1979. Bromelioideae (Bromeliaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 14 (3): 1493-2142. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Description - Leaves over 9 dm long, minutely appressed-white-lepidote; sheaths large but scarcely wider than the blades; blades ligulate, rounded and apiculate, not constricted at base, subdensely serrate with dark spines 1.5 mm long. Scape very slender, decurved, white-flocculose; scape-bracts very large but mostly shorter than the internodes, erect and closely enfolding the scape, lanceolate, membranaceous, rose. Inflorescence very laxly bipinnate, few-flowered, ca 15 cm long; rhachis slender, strongly geniculate, densely white-flocculose; primary bracts spreading, elliptic, acute, to 10 cm long, exceeding the axillary branches and enfolding them, membranaceous, rose, sparsely flocculose; branches short, laxly 1-2-flowered. Floral bracts to 28 mm long, ample, hiding the ovary; flowers sessile, erect. Sepals asymmetric, elliptic, broadly rounded and apiculate, 20 mm long, blue, sparsely white-lepidote; petals obtuse, 5 cm long, blue, bearing 2 fimbriate scales at base; stamens included; ovary slenderly cylindric, the epigynous tube crateriform, 2 mm long, with 3 deep pocket-like extensions; placentae linear along the central axis.

Distribution:Espirito Santo Brazil South America|