Monographs Details: Cinchona officinalis L. x C. pubescens Vahl
Authority: Andersson, Lennart. 1998. A revision of the genus (Rubiaceae--Cinchoneae). Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 80: 1-75.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Collection examined. ECUADOR. Loja: Hda. Huilcabamba ca. 54 km S of Loja, on slopes NW of Nudo de Sabanillas, ca. 2700 m, 9-12 Jul 1944, Prieto AJ-6 (NY).

Discussion:One specimen is suggestive of a hybrid C. officinalis X pubescens. It combines the narrow, chartaceous leaf blades, with somewhat poorly developed pit domatia, of the former species, with the hirtellous leaf indumentum of the latter. Both parental species are known from the immediate vicinity.
Distribution:Ecuador South America|