Monographs Details: Cinchona micrantha (Pav.) Ruiz x C. pubescens Vahl
Authority: Andersson, Lennart. 1998. A revision of the genus (Rubiaceae--Cinchoneae). Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 80: 1-75.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Collection examined. PERU. Cuzco: Prov. La Convención, Cordillera de Vilcabamba, 13 km NE of Hda. Luisiana and Río Apurimac, 1880 m, Dudley 10362 (MO, NY).

Discussion:The following collection deviates from typical C. micrantha in having leaf blades that are sparsely to densely hirtellous beneath, in lacking domatia, and in having a corolla tube 10-11 mm long. It may represent the hybrid between C. micrantha and C. pubescens.
Distribution:Peru South America|