Monographs Details: Bertholletia Bonpl.
Authority: Mori, S. A. & Lepsch da Cunha, Nadia M. 1995. The Lecythidaceae of a central Amazonian moist forest. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 75: 1-55.
Scientific Name:Bertholletia Bonpl.
Description:Genus Description - Emergent trees, without buttresses. Bark deeply fissured. Leaves brochidodromous, with well-developed intersecondary veins and reticulate tertiary veins. Flowers diurnal, zygomorphic; sepals nearly closed in bud, with apical slit, split into 2 lobes at anthesis; petals 6, the apices rounded; androecium with well-developed hood, the appendages swept inward but not forming complete coil, antherless, the anthers of staminal ring small, with lateral dehiscence; ovary 4-locular, the ovules inserted at base of septum. Fruits round, falling from tree with seeds inside at maturity, the operculum smaller in diameter than seeds, the pericarp very woody and hard. Seeds without wings or aril, the testa very hard; embryo without cotyledons.