Monographs Details: Odontocarya wullschlaegelii var. wullschlaegelii
Authority: Mori, S. A. 1987. The Lecythidaceae of a lowland Neotropical Forest: La Fumée mountain, French Guiana. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 44: 1-190.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Vine in mixed forest, along streams or in swamps, in British Guiana ascending to 700 m, flowering July to October, British Guiana S through French and Dutch Guiana to the headwaters of Rio Jari on the Amapá-Pará boundary in Brazil. BRITISH GUIANA. Wabuwak, Kanuku Mts., fl. [male], Wilson Brown 383 (NY, U), lvs. only, Wilson Brown 391 (K, NY). Kartobo road, fl. [male], Sandwith 1538 (K); Epiro, Corentyne River, fl. [male], im Thurn in 1879 (K). GUIANE FRANCAISE. Cayenne, fl. [male], Broadway 804 (GH, NY, US). SURINAME. Plantage Peperpot tegenover Paramaribo koffietuin, lvs. only (fr. in spirit not seen), Lanjouw in 1964 (U). BRAZIL. Amapá-Pará: Rio Jari, Cachoeira Mucurú, 0o 32' N., 53° 8' W., Egler & Irwin 46566 (NY).

Discussion:Odontocarya wullschlaegelii (Eichler) Barneby, comb. nov. Somphoxylon wullschlaegelii Eichler in Martius, Fl. Bras. 13(1): 206, tab. 87. 1864. Type. “Habitat circa Paramaribo ditionis Surinamensis: Wullschlägel” (holotype formerly at B, destroyed; isotype in herb. Mart., BR, represented by 2 negatives at NY). This is a long liane, described by im Thurn as climbing over the tops of the highest forest trees, the large panicles of staminate flowers appearing on the trunk of the vine in the shade of the forest. Sandwith, who found it in flower in mixed forest in September records the flower as cream-coloured, the whole panicle highly fragrant and attracting insects. Within the range given above the staminate flower of O. wullschlaegelii is relatively large, with a filament-column long in relation to the anthers. In the region of the Amazon delta the species is represented by a small-flowered var. huberi:
Distribution:Guyana South America| French Guiana South America| Suriname South America| Brazil South America|