Monographs Details: Pteris podophylla Sw.
Authority: Mickel, John T. & Beitel, Joseph M. 1988. Pteridophyte Flora of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 46: 1-580.
Scientific Name:Pteris podophylla Sw.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Rhizome scales bicolorous, center black; fronds 70-200(-300) cm tall, clumped; stipe stramineous to castaneous; blade pinnate, firm; base of penultimate segments abrupt to cuneate, not decurrent; fertile sinuses broadly U-shaped (nearly O-shaped); segments sessile, falcate, serrate, with recurved, sharp-pointed teeth, upper surface glabrous, lower surface with long, brown, flaccid hairs 0.8 mm long, appressed trichomidia 0.1-0.3 mm long, and erect, terete, golden brown hairs 0.5-0.8 mm long; rachis awns absent or replaced by hairs, pinna awns 1.0 mm long; veins netted, 1-2 rows of areoles, one costal areole between costules, at least more than one costal areole at sinus; indusium 0.8 mm wide, entire, surface with occasional hairs and short flaps; sporangia mixed with 0.5-0.8 mm long paraphyses; spores reddish-brown.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Margins of wet montane forests on Atlantic slope; Ixtlán, Mixe, Villa Alta; 8002250 m. Mexico (Ver, Oax, Chis); Guat to Pan; WI; Ven & Col, to Bol, s Braz. Oaxaca collections: 988, 1097, 1524, 4833, 4870, 6569; Alexander 589 (NY); Hellwig 325 (NY); Martínez-C. 845 (NY).

Discussion:Lonchitispedata Linnaeus, Sp. pl. ed. 2, 2: 1536. 1763, non Pteris pedata Linnaeus, 1753. Type. Jamaica. P. Browne, LINN 1249.1; Browne, Civ. nat. hist. Jamaica, t. 1, f. 1,2. 1756. Pteris inflexa Copeland, Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 19:289. 1941. Type. Mexico. Veracruz: Orizaba, Copeland 79 (US!, frag. NY!). Pteris podophylla is closely related to P. erosa and P. orizabae; the characters in the key will serve to distinguish the three. The undersurface of P. podophylla, with its erect, terete, concolorous hairs is clearly different from that of P. orizabae, which has (if any) long, flaccid hairs.
Distribution:Mexico North America| Guatemala Central America| Panama Central America| West Indies| Venezuela South America| Colombia South America| Bolivia South America| Brazil South America|