Monographs Details: Polybotrya
Authority: Mickel, John T. & Beitel, Joseph M. 1988. Pteridophyte Flora of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 46: 1-580.
Scientific Name:Polybotrya
Description:Genus Description - Hemiepiphytic or terrestrial; rhizome long-creeping, scaly; fronds holodimorphic; stipe scaly, grooved; sterile fronds pinnate to tripinnate, subcoriaceous to coriaceous; veins free to anastomosing; axes grooved above, grooves coalescent; fertile fronds greatly contracted, not foliaceous, bi- to tripinnate, sporangia in masses on lower surface, indusium lacking; spores bilateral with thick perispore, folded surface.

Discussion:Type: Polybotrya osmundacea Humboldt & Bonpland ex Willdenow. Polybotrya is a neotropical genus of about 25 species of lowland wet forests, with one species in Oaxaca. The monotypic genus Olfersia (q.v.) is closely related and often combined with Polybotrya. Olfersia cervina has parallel veins that fork near the midrib and then fuse with a marginal commissural vein, a conform terminal pinna and sporangia appearing to be on both surfaces of the fertile pinnae, whereas Polybotrya lacks a commissural vein and the veins are not parallel most of their length.