Monographs Details: Histiopteris
Authority: Mickel, John T. & Smith, Alan R. 2004. The pteridophytes of Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 88: 1-1054.
Scientific Name:Histiopteris
Description:Genus Description - Terrestrial; rhizomes long-creeping, 2–5 mm diam., with castaneous hairs and scales; fronds large, distant, erect to subscandent; stipes stramineous to brown, lustrous, glabrous; blades bito tripinnate, often with large stipule-like pinnule at pinna base; pinnae and pinnules opposite, light pea-green, herbaceous; lamina glabrous or with crisped, multicellular hairs, often glaucous; veins netted, without included veinlets; sori marginal, continuous, blade margins reflexed and differentiated as indusia,lacking inner indusia; spores bilateral, yellow or light brown; x=48.


Type: Histiopteris vespertilionis (Labillardie`re) J. Sm. [= Pteris vespertilionis Labillardie`re] = Histiopteris incisa (Thunb.) J. Sm.

Histiopteris has one rather variable species over its pantropical range, and four other species in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. It is closely related to Pteridium and Lonchitis, but lacks an inner indusium, has rhizome scales, and is not aggressive. It is limited mostly to higher elevations (cloud forests).