Monographs Details: Elaphoglossum erinaceum var. occidentale Mickel
Authority: Mickel, John T. & Smith, Alan R. 2004. The pteridophytes of Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 88: 1-1054.

Type. Mexico. Me´xico: About 6 mi S of Tenancingo and 8 mi N of Villa Guerrero on Rte 55, Mickel 706 (holotype NY!; isotypes ENCB, MICH!).

Ab var. erinaceo paleis laminarum melleis brevibus et distributione geographica occidentali distincta. (L., occidentalis, western, alluding to the westerly distribution of this variety in Mexico.)

Specimens from western Mexico, Sinaloa to Guerrero, generally have scales of blade margins orange-tan rather than brown to black and often shorter (1–2 vs. 3–4 mm), though the scale size is quite variable.

Distribution:Mexico North America|