Monographs Details: Asplenium radicans L.
Authority: Proctor, George R. 1989. Ferns of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 53: 1-389.
Scientific Name:Asplenium radicans L.

Lectotype. P. Browne 92, from Jamaica (LINN 1250.16, right-hand frond).

Syn. Asplenium rhizophyllum Linnaeus, Sp. pl. ed. 2, 2:1540.1763, not Linnaeus, 1753. (Type. Same as for A. radicans.)

Asplenium rhizophorum Linnaeus, Gen. pl. ed, 6, 2: emend, 1764. (Type. Same as for A. radicans.)

Asplenium alloeopteron Kunze ex Klotzsch, Linnaea 20: 353, 1847. (Syntypes, Richard Schomburgk 1150 8l 1206, from British Guiana (now Guyana), not seen.)

Asplenium cyrtopteron Kunze, Linnaea 23: 233, 1850, (Lectotype. Ex herb. A. Braun, B, as designated by Morton & Lellinger, 1966: 37.)

This name was based on cultivated material originating from Venezuela.

Asplenium rhizophorum var. alloeopteron (Kunze ex Klotzsch) Baker in Martius, R. bras. 1, pt. 2:434. 1870.

Asplenium rhizophyllum var. alloeopteron (Kunze ex Klotzsch) Hieronymus, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 31: 463. 1904.

Asplenium rhizophyllum var. cyrtopteron (Kunze) Hieronymus, ibid.

Asplenium radicans var. alloeopteron (Kunze ex Klotzsch) C. Christensen, Index filic, 100,1905.

Asplenium radicans var. cyrtopteron (Kunze) C. Christensen, Index filic. 107. 1905.

Asplenium rhizophorum var, cyrtopteron (Kunze) Jenman, Fems Brit, W . Ind. 172. 1907.

This highly variable taxon is sometimes treated as a group of closely related species. In the present work they are maintained at the varietal level because there do not seem to be clear discontinuities between the various forms, and because these plants are known to comprise a polyploid complex whose details and relationships have not yet been worked out. The Puerto Rican representatives of Asplenium radicans can usually be distinguished as follows:

a. Fronds 1 -pinnate to 1 -pinnate-pinnatifid.

b. Pinnae simple, the margins evenly crenate serrate

7a. var. cirrhatum.

b. Pinnae more or less pinnatifid, or at least deeply lobed at base, the lobes or segments entire or nearly so

7b. var. radicans.

a. Fronds 2- to 3-pinnate,

c. Fronds 2-pinnate, the pinnules entire, lightly crenate, or sometimes dentate

7c. var. partitum.

c. Fronds 3-pinnate

7d. var. uniseriale.