Monographs Details: Cibotium regale Verschaff. & Lem.
Authority: Mickel, John T. & Smith, Alan R. 2004. The pteridophytes of Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 88: 1-1054.
Description:Species Description - Similar to Cibotium schiedei except: trunks to 1.5 m (vs. rhizomatous to trunk-forming), blades subcoriaceous to coriaceous (vs. chartaceous), and sori (4–)6–8 pairs per segment, erect, and approximate (vs. (2–)4–5 pairs per segment, often directed laterally, and usually slightly distant).


Type. Cultivated material, collected in Mexico. Chiapas: Ghiesbreght 351 (GH; isotypes K!, PH!, YU!).

Cibotium guatemalense Rchb. f. ex Kuhn, Linnaea 16: 152. 1869. Type. Guatemala. Wendland s.n. (B!).

Cibotium wendlandii Mett. ex Kuhn, Linnaea 36: 151. 1869. Type. Guatemala. Wendland s.n. (B).

Stolze (1976) discussed the variation of characters in Cibotium and reasons for combining C. guatemalense and C. wendlandii under C. regale.

Montane rain forests; 1140–2200 m. Mexico; Guat, Bel (Munro et al. 3277, MO), Hond, Salv. Specimens Examined. Chis (Bachem C. et al. 542, UAMIZ; Breedlove 21761, MEXU, 31656, CAS, MEXU, 32516, MEXU; MacDougall s.n., 22 Oct s. ann., MEXU; Pérez Farrera 150a, UAMIZ; Purpus 9195, UC, US; Riba 1410, ENCB, MEXU).