Monographs Details: Lonchitis hirsuta L.
Authority: Proctor, George R. 1989. Ferns of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 53: 1-389.
Scientific Name:Lonchitis hirsuta L.
Description:Species Description - Fronds 1-2.5 m long; stipes stout, pale green, hollow, shorter than the blades. Blades deltateovate, up to 1.5 m long and 1 m broad near base; pinnae few, subopposite to altemate, stalked, ovate-oblong to unequally deltate, the lowest ones much the largest; ultimate segments more or less rounded-oblong, 5-9 mm broad, lobed or nearly entire.


Lectotype. Plumier, Traite foug. Amer., t. 20, based on a plant from M o m e Rouge, Martinique.

Syn. Pteris laciniata Willdenow in Linnaeus, Sp. pl. 5: 397. 1810. (Type. Herb. Willd. 20013, B, from an unknown locality.)

Pteris hirsuta (Linnaeus) J. Smith, J. Bot. (Hooker) 4: 165. 1841, not Poiret in Lamarck, 1804.

Antiosorus hirsutus (Linnaeus) Kuhn, Gmppe Chaet. 27. 1882.

Anisosorus hirsutus (Linnaeus) Underwood & Maxon ex Maxon, Sci. Surv. Porto Rico & Virgin Is. 6: 429. 1926.

Distribution:West Indies| Mexico North America| Central America| Venezuela South America| Colombia South America| Ecuador South America| Peru South America| Brazil South America| Bolivia South America|