Monographs Details: Lycopodium cernuum L. var. cernuum
Authority: Proctor, George R. 1989. Ferns of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 53: 1-389.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - General Distribution. Pantropical.Distribution in Puerto Rico. Widely distributedbut underrepresented by collections; recordedfrom Bayamon, Cayey, Ceiba, Jayuya,Luquillo, Patillas, Ponce, and Rio Grande; VirginIslands. Tortola, St. John, and St. Thomas.Habitat. Moist banks, sunny thickets, clearings,and borders of pastures and woodlands innon-calcareous soils, chiefly at middle to highelevations (200-1250 m), locally common. Thisplant is often gathered for use in floral decorations.

Distribution:Puerto Rico South America| Virgin Islands South America|