Monographs Details: Spruceanthus
Authority: Thiers, Barbara M. & Gradstein, S. Robbert. 1989. Lejeuneaceae (Hepaticae) of Australia. I. Subfamily Ptychanthoideae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 52: 79 p.
Scientific Name:Spruceanthus
Description:Genus Description - Branching Lejeunea-type (very rarely Frullania-type in S. thozetianus). Ventral epidermal cells smaller than medullary cells; ventral merophyte 10-14 cells wide. Leaves spreading when dry; leaf cells isodiametric; trigones radiate; oil bodies homogeneous; ocelli absent; gemmae absent. Gynoecial innovations present, innovation leaf sequence lejeuneoid; perianths with 2-5 ventral keels. Androecial bracts hypostatic. Seta articulated or non-articulated; capsule thickenings of the fenestrate type; sporeling of the Lopholejeunea-type. There are currently four known species in the genus, three from Asia or Australasia, and one from tropical America (Gradstein, 1985a).

Discussion:Type. S. semirepandus (Nees) Verd.