Monographs Details: Hackelia
Authority: Gentry, Johnnie L. & Carr, Robert L. 1976. A revision of the genus Hackelia (Boraginaceae) in North America north of Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 26: 121-227.
Scientific Name:Hackelia
Description:Genus Description - Ascending or erect biennial or perennial, rarely annual herbs. Flowers in naked or only basally bracteate (occasionally bracteate throughout) helicoid cymes paniculately disposed (rarely terminal). Pedicels deflexed or recurved in fruit. Calyx parted nearly to the base, the lobes deflexed or sometimes spreading and slightly accrescent in fruit. Corolla blue or white (occasionally pink, ochroleucous, greenish tinged or marked with blue spots), often with a yellow eye, the limb 5-lobed; tube short rotate-salver-form or sometimes short-salverform, rarely nearly campanulate, the corolla tube equalling or sometimes exceeding the calyx lobes; crests present near the base of the corolla tube. Fornices well developed, often nearly closing the mouth of the corolla tube. Stamens 5, included or rarely slightly projecting above the throat, affixed at or near the middle of tube (rarely near the throat) all at the same level; filaments subequal, short and slender; anthers oblong to elliptic, dehiscing longitudinally. Style simple and slender, sharply differentiated from the gynobase, mostly surpassed by the body of the nutlet; stigma capitate. Ovules 4. Nutlets 4 (sometimes fewer by abortion) erect, lanceolate to ovate, ventrally keeled on the upper one-half to one-third of the body of the nutlet, attached to the pyramidal gynobase by a broad medial or near medial areola, the margin with glochidiate prickles, these occasionally connate below forming a distinct spreading or cupulate border, the dorsal surface with intramarginal glochidiate prickles or the prickles absent.

Discussion:Type. Hackelia deflexa (Wahlenberg) Opiz. (Myosotis deflexa Wahlen-berg).