Monographs Details: Lotus procumbens var. procumbens
Authority: Isely, Duane. 1981. Leguminosae of the United States. III. Subfamily Papilionoideae: tribes Sophoreae, Podalyrieae, Loteae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 25 (3): 1-264.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Range of species. Primarily Coastal Ranges and mts. contiguous to n and w edge of Mohave. Sandy flats, slopes, chaparral upwards to Jeffrey pine; roadsides; locally common. Ca. 100-7500 ft. May-June.

Discussion:Hosackia sericea Benth. (1837); Syrmatium sericeum (Benth.) Greene (1887) non L. sericeus Moench (1794) nec DC. (1813) nec Pursh (1814); L. leucophyllus Greene (1890). H. procumbens Greene (1886); S. procumbens Greene (1887); L. procumbens Greene (1890). Lotus procumbens varies in habit from prostrate-trailing to stiffly erect, the most erect forms being of the mountains in Los Angeles co.