Monographs Details: Pagamea standleyana Steyerm.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1965. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12 (3): 1-285.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Lobi corollae oblongi intus dense breviter villosi.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Sandstone table mountains, at alt. 1200-2200 m, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela. Ptari-tepui, Steyermark 59634 (holotype) ; Uei-tepui, between Luepa and Cerro Venamo, at alt. 1300 m, Steyermark d Nilsson 323; Sarven-tepuí, Chimanta Massif, at alt. 1750 m, Wurdack 34149; at Auyan-tepui, at alt. 2200 m, Cardona 2729; Cerro Venamo, at alt. 1575 m, Steyermark, G. C. T. & E. Dunsterville 92561.

Discussion:As originally described, the corolla-lobes were stated to be ovate and were so drawn. Actually, a re-examination of other corollas reveals that they are oblong. Also, in the figure depicting the interior of the corolla-lobes the pubescence is indicated as of a short-papillate type, whereas the pubescence actually consists of elongate hairs of dense villose indument. They are not as long and dense as in P. montana and some other species. The first sheet of the holotype at F (no. 1181991) is a mixture: the fruiting specimen on the left hand side of the sheet is P. paucifiora without barbate axils of the nerves of the lower leaf surface, but showing a puberulent lower midrib, whereas the flowering specimen on the right hand side of the sheet is P. standleyana showing barbate axils and puberulent midrib of the lower leaf surface.