Monographs Details: Pickeringia montana var. tomentosa (Abrams) I.M.Johnst.
Authority: Isely, Duane. 1981. Leguminosae of the United States. III. Subfamily Papilionoideae: tribes Sophoreae, Podalyrieae, Loteae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 25 (3): 1-264.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Range as given in key; one collection (Rudd, 1968a) from Baja California. Mountains. 7-5500 ft. April-June.

Discussion:Xxlothermia montana subsp tomentosa Abrams (1907); Pickeringia montana var tomentosa (Abrams) I. Johnst. (1923); (Abrams) Jeps. (1936); P. montana subsp tomentosa (Abrams) Abrams 1944. Pickeringia montana var tomentosa is clinal in nature, and my definition of it is arbitrary. The San Bernardino populations are intermediate in pubescence between the tomentose forms of San Diego co and the usually glabrate cismontane ones. But some from Los Angeles and Ventura counties are moderately pubescent. Rudd (1968a), noting varying levels of pubescence, did not maintain the variety. But the San Diego populations, unlike the rest, fruit abundantly and possibly are cytologically different from their more northern congeners.
Distribution:United States of America North America|