Monographs Details: Aechmea aripensis (N.E.Br.) Pittendr.
Authority: Smith, Lyman B. & Downs, Robert J. 1979. Bromelioideae (Bromeliaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 14 (3): 1493-2142. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Gravisia aripensis N.E.Br., Gravisia exsudans Mez
Description:Description - Plant flowering 1 m high. Leaves 6-10 dm long, minutely appressed-lepidote; sheaths elliptic, 25 cm long; blades ligulate, abruptly acute, apiculate, 5-7 cm wide. Scape erect, 7-10 mm in diameter, densely brown-lanate; scape-bracts slightly inbricate, broadly ovate with a short stout linear pungent blade, bright rose, soon glabrous. Inflorescence corymbose, densely subglobose, 7-8 cm in diameter, brown-lanate; primary bracts suborbicular, pungent-apiculate, 5-7 cm long, nearly covering the branches, bright rose; branches very short, subellipsoid, densely many-flowered. Floral bracts lance-ovate, acute with a terminal mucro 3-4 mm long, slightly exceeding the sepals. Sepals strongly asymmetric, 15 mm long exclusive of the 6 mm mucro, free; petals 15-20 mm long, mucronate, deep blue; pollen grains with 4 pores; ovary obconic; epigynous tube 2 mm high.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Sucre Venezuela South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America|