Monographs Details: Brownea ariza Benth.
Authority: Isley, Duane. 1975. Leguminosae of the United States: II. Subfamily Caesalpinioideae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 25 (2): 1-228.
Scientific Name:Brownea ariza Benth.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Subtropical Florida. Novelty. N South America (Colombia and Ecuador), cult, in Central America and Antilles. March as to material seen.

Discussion:B. grandiceps Hort. Brownea grandiceps is listed by Menninger (1958), but material passing as B. grandiceps Jacq. (as Gillis 7724, widely distributed, from Fairchild Garden) is not that species which has tomentose leaves (South American material as well as photo of type seen). Provisional reference to an appropriate name is based on concurrence with some South American specimens believed to be B. ariza.
Distribution:United States of America North America| Colombia South America| Ecuador South America| Central America|