Monographs Details: Croton matourensis Aubl.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1965. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12 (3): 1-285.
Scientific Name:Croton matourensis Aubl.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Tree to 30 m high, 30 cm diam, prominent in upper forest canopy, to an altitude of 700 m; the Guianas, Bolivar and Amazonas, Venezuela, Para, Brazil, and as far southeast as the island of Sao Luiz in the state of Maranhao. FRENCH GUIANA. Godebert, Mar 1920, Wachenheitn 138 (fl. NY). SURINAME. Brownsberg, 3 Jun 1920, L B B 4696 (fr. N Y ) ; Sectie 0, Hoeliaballi, May 1945, LBB 0310 (fr. NY); 21 Feb 1921, LBB 518 (fl. NY). Mt. Nassau: forest, km 3.6, Nov 1949, Lanjouw and Lindeman 2341 (fl. NY), 2484 (fr. NY). BRITISH GUIANA. Ituni, 35 m south of Mackenzie, 17 Jan 1955, Cowan 39261 (fr.). Southern Pakaraima Mountains: Frequent on sandstone and conglomerate, Kamana Falls, alt. 2200 ft, 24 Aug 1961, Maguire, Maguire and Wilson-Browne 45933A (fl. y. fr.); occasional along streamside, Chimapa Creek, alt. 2300 ft, 11 Sep 1961, Maguire, Maguire and Wilson-Browne 46159A (fl.) ; occasional, between Waipa and Sand Hill Rapids, Ireng River, 19 Sep 1961, Maguire, Maguire and Wilson-Browne 46233 (fl.) ; Eraidai Savanna, 6 Aug 1957, Rufus Boyan 90, F D 7914 (fl NY); dense forest, mouth of Onoro Creek, basin of Essequibo River, lat. 1° 35' N, 15-24 Dec 1936, A. C. Smith 2750 (y. fl.). VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Gran Sabana, between Kun and Uaduaru-paru, valley of Rio Kukenan, south of Mt Roraima, alt. 1065-1220 m, 1 Oct 1944, Steyermark 59104 (fr. NY); in forests near St. Elena de Uairen, Alto Caroni, 25 Apr 1946, Lasser 1520 (fl. NY); in residual forests southeast of St. Elena, 23 Apr 1957, Bernardi 6745 (fr. NY); forest, 30 k m south of El Manteco, alt. 365 m, 9 Aug 1960, Steyermark 87055 (y. fr. N Y ) ; Amazonas: Abundant, Tama-Tama, alt. 150 m, 22 Jun 1959, Wurdack and Adelerley 43155 (fr.). BRAZIL. Para: South woods of I.A.N., Belem, 26 Jan 1943, Archer 8209 ([male] fl. NY), Pires 3145 (fl. N Y ) , 51712 (sterile, wood voucher, N Y ) .

Discussion:C. matourensis a genuinus Müll. Arg. Linnaea 34: 95. 1865. C. matourensis y poeppigianus Müll. Arg. Linnaea 34: 95. 1865. C. matourensis d sericeus Müll. Arg. Linnaea 34: 95. 1865. C. impetiginosus Poepp. Baillon Eec. d'obs. 4: 298. 1864. Collectors report that the flowers are grayish-green, sometimes white with greenish-gray calyx. The bark has the scent of cloves, and the latex is reddish. The size of flowers and nervature of leaves and persistence of stipules seem to vary with altitude, but more material is needed to decide the taxonomic value of these features.
Distribution:French Guiana South America| Suriname South America| Guyana South America| Venezuela South America| Brazil South America|