Monographs Details: Acacia schaffneri var. bravoensis Isely
Authority: Isley, Duane. 1973. Leguminosae of the United States: I. Subfamily. Mimosoideae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 25 (1): 1-152.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - S Texas, Rio Grande Valley; loam to clay calcareous soils; usually with other brush, especially mesquite; roadsides; locally abundant. Feb.-March(April). N Mexico.

Discussion:Acacia schaffneri (S. Wats.) F. J. Hermann pro parte Poponax schaffneri (S. Wats.) Britt. & Rose pro parte A. tortuosa auct. CN 2n = 26 (Turner & Fearing, 1960a; as A. tortuosa). Most herbarium specimens of Acacia schaffneri var. bravoensis and A. smallii (A. farnesiana auct.) lack fruit and are frequently confused. They may be distinguished by the leaflet reticulation of var. bravoensis, the location of leafstalk glands, and the nature (especially length) of the flowering peduncles. Correll and Johnston (1970) report presumed hybridization between A. tortuosa and hiusache (A. schaffneri and A. smallii).
Distribution:United States of America North America|