Monographs Details: Scleria pterota C.Presl
Authority: Koyama, Tetsuo M. 1967. The systematic significance of leaf structure in the tribe Sclerieae (Cyperaceae). Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 16: 46-70.
Scientific Name:Scleria pterota C.Presl
Description:Species Description - Leaf blades inversely W-shapecl, with 3 costas. Swollen epidermis at median adaxial groove at least in part 2- to 3-layered; component cells large, longitudinally rectangular to bulliform. Adaxial epidermal cells on both sides of lateral costas markedly large, longitudinally rectangular to nearly square. Mesophyll with scattered transversely oblong tannin cells, differentiated into palisade and spongy portions; palisade chlorenchyma mostly 2-layered, the component cells oblong; cells of spongy mesophyll transversely oblong or nearly so, not conspicuously lobed; large intercellular spaces absent. Vascular bundles nearly as tall as the thickness of mesophyll; bundle sheaths double, the cells of the inner sheath lignified, but the cell walls not markedly thick; outer bundle sheath interrupted adaxially and abaxially by girders.