Monographs Details: Heterotrichum porphyrotrichum Markgr.
Authority: Wurdack, John J. 1967. Plants collected in Ecuador by W. H. Camp. Melastomataceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 16: 1-45.
Discussion:Miconia skutchii Gleason, Bull. Torrey Club 68: 250. 1941. Many recent collections from Amazonian Ecuador conform with Markgraf’s excellent description and also with Skutch 4519. Of 25 countable flowers in Camp’s ample duplicates, 10 were 5-merous; 8 were 6-merous; 5 were 7-merous; and 2 were 8-merous. Of the 6-merous flowers dissected, 2 had 6-locular ovaries and 1 had a 5-celled ovary. In the other collection numbers, both 5- and 6-merous flowers were seen. For the present, the species can rest in Heterotrichum, where at least one other species, H. polyandrum (Benth.) Gleason, lacks a conspicuous free ovary cone. Besides the type collection of M. skutchii, the following Napo-Pastaza collections are ascribed to H. porphyrotrichum: Puyo, Fagerlind & Wibom 1198, Asplund 19305, Asplund 19665, Harling 3237; Mera, Asplund 18579, 19102, 19616; Baños-Mera, Camp E-2388; Baños-Cashurco, Hitchcock 21845.