Monographs Details: Miconia triangularis Gleason
Authority: Wurdack, John J. 1967. Plants collected in Ecuador by W. H. Camp. Melastomataceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 16: 1-45.
Discussion:The first records for Ecuador are: Camp E-1223 (NY), from the floodplain of the Rio Itzintza, Cordillera CutucĂș, elev. 1100-1200 m; Grubb, Lloyd, Pennington, & Whitmore 1548 and 1683 (both US) , from 8 km southeast of Tena, Napo-Pastaza, elev. 440 m. Both an isotype (US) and the Ecuadorian collections show short (up to 1 cm long) petioles. Colombian material is somewhat less pubescent (especially basally on the hypanthium) and with slightly more prominent external calyx teeth; however, at present no subspecific recognition seems warranted for the Ecuadorian plants.