Monographs Details: Axinaea macrophylla (Naudin) Triana
Authority: Wurdack, John J. 1967. Plants collected in Ecuador by W. H. Camp. Melastomataceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 16: 1-45.
Discussion:Surely a redefinition of this species complex, including re-examination of the types of A. floributida (Naud.) Triana and A. affinis (Naud.) Cogn., is needed for a realistic alignment. However, Camp’s collections have been identified sensu Eves. The specimens include: Chimborazo-Cañar border, E-4067; Cañar, Prieto P-116; Azuay. E-4533, E-4S91, E-4895; Loja, E-665. Several of the collections resemble A. merianiac (DC.) Triana Vegetatively, but show much deeper hypanthia. From the Macbride photograph (36200), Meriania oblongifolia Cogn. seems synonymous with A. merianiac.