Monographs Details: Lagenocarpus verticillatus (Spreng.) T.Koyama & Maguire
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1965. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12 (3): 1-285.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Guayana from Surinam and A m a p a westwards to the Vaupes of Colombia, and southeastern part of Brazil. SURINAME. South Savanna,vicinity Arawak village of Mata, Maguire d Stahel 24967 (F, N Y ) ; Zanderij II., near airport, Lanjouw d Lindeman 274 (U, N Y ) ; Tibiti Savanna, savanna km 2, 9, 3rd line, Lanjouw & Lindeman 1825 (U, N Y ) . BRITISH GUIANA. Waranama Ranch, Berbice River, Muri scrub, white sand, Harrison 1051 (K, NY) ; near Dadanawa, Upper Rupununi River, De La Cruz 1771 (F, N Y ) ; Berbice Co., along Berbice-Rupununi Cattle Trail, Muri sand, Abraham 260; Upper Mazaruni River, De La Cruz 2117 (F, N Y ) ; Rockstone, sandy scrub, A. S. Hitchcock 17303 (NY, US) ; East of Rockstone, dry sandhiUs, Gleason 779; Mackenzie, Demerara River, Ituni River, collector ign. F 2492. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Sabana de Triana, Rio Chicanan, 50 km SE of El Dorado, alt. 300 m, Steyermark 89702 (US). COLOMBIA. Vaupes: Cano Pacu, Savanna, Schultes 5820A (US). BRAZIL. Without definite locality. Gardener 3547 (BM, N Y ) ; Brasilia meridionalis, Sellow 1101 (B, type of Cryptangium uliginosum, F, US, photo); Prov. Rio Negro, in vicinibus Barra, Spruce in 1850-51, s.n.; Amapa: Rio Araguari, on sandy soil in exposed area, 2 km from river, along road from Porto Platon to Macapa, Pires, Rodrigues d Irvine 51065. Para: Ins. Colares, ad ostia fl. Amazon, Poeppig 366 (B, type of Scleria leptocladia; F, US, Maicuru, S. Francisco, Pires & Silva 4269. Goias: Region of Chapada dos Veadeiros at 47° 30' W , 14° 30' S, sandstone outcrop, 7 km S of Veadeiros, Dawson 14603 (US). Rio [de] Janeiro et Minas, Glaziou 16532 (B, type of Cryptangium ciliatum; F, US, photos).

Discussion:Fuirena verticillata Sprengel, Novi Prevent. Acad. Hal. & Berol. 47. 1819. Fuirena weigelti Sprengel, Tent. Suppl. Syst. Veg. 4. 1826. (fide Uittien, 1943). Scleria stricta Kunth, Enum. PI. 2: 355. 1837. Syn. nov. Scleria leptocladia Poepp. & Kunth ex Kunth, Enum. PI. 2: 355. 1837. Syn. nov. Scleria Tcunthii Miquel, Sert. Exot. 4, t. 2. 1842. Cryptangium uliginosum Schrader ex Nees, PI. Bras. 2(1): 164, t. 19. 1842. Nomen superfluum. Lerisca stricta (Kunth) Schlechtdl., Bot. Zeit. 3: 476. 1845. Scleria hostmanniana Steudel, Syn. PI. Glumae. 2, 178. 1855. Syn. nov. Cladotheca vaginans Steudel, Syn. PI. Glumae. 2, 178. 1855. Nomen invalidum ex synonymis. Cryptangium leptoclad[i]um (Poepp. & Kunth) Bocklr., Linnaea 38: 420. 1874, Cryptangium leptocladum Kunth forma longifolia Bocklr., Linnaea 38: 421. 1874. Cryptangium ciliatum Bocklr., Cyp. Nov. 2, 29. 1890. Syn. nov. Lagenocarpus strictus (Kunth) O. Kuntze, Eev. Gen. PI. 2: 754. 1891. Lagenocarpus uliginosus (Schrad. ex Nees) 0. Kuntze, Eev. Gen. PI. 2: 754. 1891. Combinatio illegitima. Lagenocarpus ciliatus (Bocklr.) H. Pfeiff., Ber. Deutsch. Bot. Ges. 39; 131. 1921. Lagenocarpus strictus (Kunth) H. Pfeiffer in Pedde, Eepert. Sp. Nov. 18: 88. 1922. Lagenocarpus strictus H. Pfeiff. var. leptoclad[i]us (Poepp. & Kunth) H. Pfeiffer in Pedde, Repert. Sp. Nov. 18: 89. 1922. Lagenocarpus kunthii (Miq.) Uittien, PI. Suriname 1(1) : [in Meded. Kon Ver. Ind. Lagenocarpus weigelti (Spreng.) Uittien, PI. Suriname 1(1) : 501. 1943. This species has generally passed under the name of Lagenocarpus uliginosus or Lagenocarpus kunthii. According to Uittien (1943), the correct name for it is Lagenocarpus weigelti (Sprengel, 1826, sub Fuirena) Uittien, because of priority. However, there is still an earlier name, Fuirena verticillata Sprengel (1819). It was validly published and represents this species, thus it takes priority over Fuirena- weigelti, i.e., Lagenocarpus weigelti. A few specialists including Kunth (1837) and H . Pfeiffer (1922) by published record indicate that Fuirena verticillata is not identical with Lagenocarpus kunthii but is the same as L. rigidus. There are apparently two different specimens bearing Sprengel's name, Fuirena verticillata, one in Halle and the other in Berlin. Arguments made by German cyperologists, who may have seen both specimens concerned, indicate the specimen in Halle to represent the present taxon, whereas the specimen in Berlin to be L. rigidus. Dr. Schultze-Motel (Berlin-Dahlem) and Dr. Werner (Halle) were kind enough to investigate the Sprengel herbaria and have found both specimens at present not extant. But, as early as 1842, the specimen at Halle, which is most likely to be the one cited by Sprengel in his Novi Proventes, had been chosen as the type specimen of Fuirena verticillata by Nees, who cited Fuirena verticillata as follows, under Cryptangium. uliginosum: Fuirena verticillata Spr. Nov. Prov. 46. Schult. Mant. II. 136 et Herb, (exempt, originale.) In the same paper, Nees again cited Sprengel's binomial under Lagenocarpus rigidus as '^Fuirena verticillata Spr. Nov. Prov. 46. in Herb. Reg. Berol. nee nov. Prov." These statements are certaintly pertinent to Article 8 of the International Rules of Botanical Nomenclature, and the specimen at Halle should be designated as the type of F. verticillata. Bockeler (1874) also confirms the identity between F. verticillata and Cryptangium uliginosum (= L. kunthii) by citing the former as a synonym of the latter as "—Fuirena verticillata C. Spreng. herb." Furthermore, Sprengel's original description in his Novi Proventus is applicable to Lagenocarpus kunthii (= L. uliginosus), viz. " F. cymis pedunculatis verticillatis, . . . Culmus . . . superne e vaginis verticillatim pedunculos cymosos capillares promens. . . . Pedunculi unciales . . . Squamae exteriores ternae,. . . interiores hyalinae, setis numerosis caducis mixtae.'' For these reasons, Fuirena verticillata is here brought under Lagenocarpus. Finally, the name, Cryptangium uliginosum, is superfluous and illegitimate smce an earlier valid name, F. verticillata, was cited under it as a synonym when published.
Distribution:Suriname South America| Guyana South America| Venezuela South America| Colombia South America| Brazil South America|