Monographs Details: Lagenocarpus guianensis Nees subsp. guianensis
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1965. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12 (3): 1-285.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Fructifications ovoid, 3-4 mm long, less than 2 mm wide, contracted to the apex without conspicuous beak or the beak very short. Hypogynous squamellae minute, rounded-deltoid, about 0.1 mm long. Inflorescence dense with rigid diverged branches.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Widely but more or less discontinuously distributed in the West Indies, Honduras, Guayana, and southeastern Brazil. HONDURAS. Toledo District, Monkey River near Jenkins Creek, in pine ridge, Gentle 4160 (F, MICH, N Y US) J All Pines, near brackish swamp, Schipp 589. WEST INDIES. Trinidad: without definite locality, 0. Kuntze s.n., in 1874; in Aripo Savanna, 5331 (F), open savanna alt. 100 ft, Richardson 920 (US); Cumuto, Broadway 7592; Aripo, Britton 5331; Santa Cruz, Dannouse 8249. Puerto Rico: Manati to Vaga Baja, in sand, Griggs 946 (NY, holotype of L. portoricenses). BRITISH GUIANA. East Coast Water Conservancy, southeast of Georgetown, Hoorbia Creek, A. S. Hitchcock 16907 (NY, US) ; Ebini Exp. Sta., Keskiv River, marsh, Harrison 748 (K, NY); NW District: Amakura River, De La Cruz 3545; Waini River, De La Cruz 3726 (F, N Y ) . VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Alto Rio Cuyuni, Cordillera Epicara, on southeastern escarpment of Cerro Piton, alt. 400 m, infrequent along stream, Maguire, Maguire d Steyermark 53649. Amazonas: Maroa, Rio Guainia, alt. 127 m, Williams 14327 (F). BRAZIL. Para: in vicinibus Santarem, R. Spruce [13] (M, type of L. sprucei; NY, isotype and photo); Prov. Rio Negro, in vicinibus Barra, R. Spruce [925] (M, type of L. guianensis forma gracilior; NY, isotype). Bahia, in pratis hieme inundatis prope Ilheor, Riedel 147 (K, type of L. riedelianus; C, LE, US, isotypes; F, photo).

Discussion:Phaenopyrum paniculatum Schrader ex Nees, Fl. Bras. 2(1): 166. 1842. Nomen invalidum ex synonymis. Scleria guianensis (Lindl. & Nees) Steudel, Syn. PI. Glumae. 2, 177. 1855. Lagenocarpus riedelianus C. B. Clarke, Kew Bull. Add. Ser. 8, 63. 1908. Syn. nov. Lagenocarpus sprucei H. Pfeiffer in Pedde, Eepert. Sp. Nov. 18: 74. 1922. Syn. nov. Lagenocarpus guianensis Lindl. & Nees var. typicus H. Pfeiffer in Pedde, Eepert. Sp. Nov. 18: 75. 1922. Lagenocarpus guianensis Lindl. & Nees var. paracusis H. Pfeiffer in Fedde, Eepert. Sp. Nov. 18: 75. 1922. Syn. nov. Lagenocarpus guianensis Lindl. & Nees forma gracilior H. Pfeiffer in Pedde, Eepert. Sp. Nov. 20: 42. 1924. Syn. nov. Lagenocarpus portoricensis Britton, Bull. Torrey Club 50: 55. 1923.