Monographs Details: Everardia flexifolia (Gilly) Maguire & T.Koyama
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1965. The Botany of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12 (3): 1-285.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Southern Guayana. VENEZUELA. Amazonas, Cerro Duida: Culebra Peak, occasional in rocky places, alt. 1600 m, Maguire & Maguire, Jr. 29085 [male], [female]; Culebra to Cumbre Camp, alt. 1400 m, tufted in rock crevices, frequent along ridge trail, Maguire, Cowan & Wurdack 29528 [male]; open slopes of Culebra Peak at alt. 1800 m, occasional, Maguire & Maguire, Jr. 29127 [male]; Cano Culebra, alt. 1000-1100 m, rocky places, Maguire, Cowan & Wurdack 29513 [male], Brocchinia Hills, alt. 1700-1980 m, common as ground cover on dry slopes, Steyermark 58194-A [female], 58194-B [male] (F).

Discussion:Bidymiandrum flexifolia Gilly, Bull. Torrey Club 68: 331. 1941. Pseudo-everardia flexifolia (Gilly) Gilly, Pieldiana Bot. 28(1) : 59. 1951. We regard Pseudo-everardia as a section of the genus Everardia. When Gilly proposed this group at the generic status he based it mainly on its dioecious habit. But, such sexual character is not sufficient for distinguishing genera in the tribe Lagenocarpeae because it merely shows an evolutionary tendency from monoecism to dioecism, inasmuch as several other monoecious species of the tribe tend to be dioecious. Furthermore, both dioecious and monoecious types are found even in the same species as in the Lagenocarpus rigidus complex. Everardia dehilis as described above is monoecious but is definitely more closely related to E. (Pseudo-everardia) flexifolia than to any other species of the tribe. In Pseudoeverardia narrow leaves and slender culms that turn brownish-reddish when dried suggest an afiinity with Cephalocarpus, but the characteristic fructification clearly places Pseudo-everardia in the genus Everardia. The fructifications of Pseudo-everardia without cavities around the style-bases separate Everardia in extended sense from Cephalocarpus.
Distribution:Guyana South America| Venezuela South America|