Monographs Details: Strychnos longisepala Krukoff
Authority: Krukoff, Boris A. 1965. Supplementary notes on the American species of Strychnos VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12: 1-94.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Peru: San Martin (Sapasoa, alt. 400 m), Woytkowski 5452 (M).This is the first record of the species from San Martin.Distribution: Peru (Loreto, basins of Rio Marañon, Rio Ucayali and of Rio Nanay and San Martin) and Brazil (in the State of Para it has been collected near Rio Branco de Obidos and in the basin of the lower Rio Trombetas; in the State of Amazonas, in the basin of the lower and upper Rio Solimoes and of the middle Rio Juma, as well as in the Territory of Acre, in the basin of Rio Acre). Doubtless occurs also in adjacent Colombia and Bolivia.

Discussion:Local names: Limon-casha (San Martin, Peru). Ducke (33: 81) suggests that S. longisepala is merely a form of S. Poeppigii and he makes special reference to a specimen collected on April 6, 1904 by Huber in the basin of Rio Purus (Ponte Alegre) which, according to him, has rather long calyx-lobes (as in S. longisepala) but was identified by me as S. Poeppigii. Before accepting or rejecting Ducke’s suggestion concerning S. longisepala, I would like to examine the specimens on which he based this suggestion. Four specimens of S. Poeppigii and 14 specimens of S. longisepala are cited in our papers and I cannot understand how we overlooked citing the above referred to specimen collected by Huber if it was annotated by us. For information on its position in Ducke’s key made on the basis of fruit characters, see under S. Poeppigii (33: 86).
Distribution:Peru South America|