Monographs Details: Strychnos oiapocensis Fróes
Authority: Krukoff, Boris A. 1965. Supplementary notes on the American species of Strychnos VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12: 1-94.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution: Known only from the basin of Rio Oiapoque, Territory of Amapa, Brazil. Doubtless occurs also in French Guiana.Brazil: Territory of Amapa, Froes 26719 (NY, type coll.), Irwin, Pires & Westra 48890.

Discussion:Strychnos oyapocensis Froes “n. sp. ined.” ex Ducke, Bul. Técn. Inst. Agron. Norte 30; 41, nomen subnudum. 1955. Strychnos oiapacensis Froes, in Curare and Curare-like agents, edited by D. Bovet, F. Bovet-Nitti and G. B. Marini-Bettolo. Pp. 85, 90, 108, nomen nudum. 1959. It is unfortunate that before this species was published properly a nomen subnudum and a nomen nudum appeared in print and the former name was cited in the Index Kewensis. It is to be noted that Ducke’s spelling of the specific name is different from that of Froes and he probably is in error citing Froes 26711 as the basis for the name, especially as he himself states that this species (at least in 1955) was known only from a single individual plant. In the systematic arrangement I am placing this species together with S. Poeppigii and S. longisepala largely on the basis of its inflorescences (small, congested and in spherical clusters) from which it differs however in longer pedicels and much shorter calyx-lobes. Leaves of this species resemble those of S. acuta of southern Brazil but do not resemble leaves of any species of Breviflorae found in the basin of the Amazon River. Type locality: Territory of Amapa (basin of Rio Oiapoque, between waterfalls Grande Roche and Matabú). The plant is an erect shrub becoming scandent above, devoid of spines and tendrils, at least on the specimens examined and confined to terra-firme. Specimens in flower were collected in October. Fruits of this species are still unknown. It would be important to collect and describe mature fruits and seeds and place this species in the proper place in the key made by Ducke, which is based on fruit characters (31: 53-57).
Distribution:Brazil South America| French Guiana South America|