Monographs Details: Strychnos malacosperma Ducke & Fróes
Authority: Krukoff, Boris A. 1965. Supplementary notes on the American species of Strychnos VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12: 1-94.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Brazil: Para: basin of Rio Amazonas, Froes 30600 (Jan. 1953; in fruit), 30600 (Dec. 19, 1953; in flower; type coll.).

Discussion:Type locality: Para: basin of Rio Amazonas (near Monte Alegre, Colonia de Mulata), Brazil.I have not seen Dardano A. Lima’s collection (Apr. 1953; in fruit) from the same locality as the type collection and referred to by Ducke (31: 44). It is unfortunate that the authors do not indicate in the original description as to which is the type collection. Furthermore specimens in fruit collected in Jan. 1953, and said to be from the same plant, bear the same collector’s number (Froes 30600) as the specimen in flower collected on Dec. 19, 1953 which obviously should be considered as the type collection. In flower characters this species is close to S. longisepala, to which it is related, and it differs from the latter only by the inflorescences. In vegetative characters it resembles S. mattogrossensis, S. nigricans and S. Schultesiana. For the characters by which it can be distinguished from these three species on the basis of fruits see under S. Schultesiana. For the description of its fruits see (31: 43; 33: 86). This species is provided with spines and tendrils and it abounds in patches of forests in savannas.
Distribution:Brazil South America|