Monographs Details: Strychnos panurensis Sprague & Sandwith
Authority: Krukoff, Boris A. 1965. Supplementary notes on the American species of Strychnos VII. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 12: 1-94.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Venezuela: Apuré: Foldate 3522 (US, Ven), Lasser s.n. (Herb. Nac Ven. 49986) (Ven). Bolivar: Rio Torono, Killip 37422 (US); near Ciudad Bolivar, Aristeguieta 4659 (Ven); basin of the middle Rio Orinoco, Wurdack & Monachino 41195, 41281. Amazonas: F. Pannier-Schwabe 1057 (Ven). Colombia: Meta (Puerto Lopez), E. L. Little & R. R. Little 8320. Amazonas/Vaupés: Schultes & Black 8441 (US) (Rio Loretoyacu), Schultes & Cabrera 12840 (US) & 13084 (US) (both specimens from Rio Apaporis). Brazil: Amazonas: basin of the upper Rio Negro, Froes & Addison 29013 (Rio Demini), Schultes & Pires 9111 (Rio Vaupés).This is the first record of the species from Apuré (Venezuela), also Meta, and Amazonas/Vaupés (Colombia). For comments on Wurdack & Monachino 41195, see under S. pseudo-quina.Distribution: Venezuela (Apuré, Bolivar, and Amazonas); Colombia (Choco, Meta, Putumayo, Vaupés, and Amazonas) ; Peru (Loreto, San Martin, and Junin); Brazil (basins of the upper Rio Negro and of the middle Rio Jurua in the State of Amazonas, and basin of the upper Rio Purus in the Territory of Acre).

Discussion:As may be seen from the above distribution, this South American species has a very extensive range covering subandean Venezuela, Colombia and Peru; the basin of the upper and middle Rio Orinoco in Venezuela and the western part of the Amazon basin. This species is one of the six which are found on the Pacific coast of Colombia, the other being the South-American S. Mitscherlichii (Valle del Cauca and Choco), and S. colombiensis (Valle del Cauca), also S. Peckii (Valle del Cauca), S. darienensis (Valle del Cauca), and S. panamensis (Antioquia) which are found in Central as well as in South America. S. panurensis doubtless occurs also in subandean Ecuador and Bolivia. It is very likely that this species is not found in the three Guianas, also in the State of Para and in the Territory of Amapa in Amazonian Brazil. For information on the position of this species in Ducke’s key made on the basis of fruit characters, see under S. rondeletioides. For the record of the use of this species in curare in Venezuela (Puerto-Perico, et tout le long du Raudal d’Atures) (Gaillard 16) see (5: 13).
Distribution:Venezuela South America| Bolivia South America| Colombia South America| Brazil South America| Peru South America|