Monographs Details: Regredicaulis
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1968. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part III. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 277-392.
Scientific Name:Regredicaulis
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Caules parvi, virides, variabiles, irregulariter ramosi; rami ventrali-intercalares, foliosi, vel longe flagelliformes, vel parvo foliosi; caulis aliquantum complanatus, cortex 4-6 cellulis magnis medullaque 1-3 vel 6-9 cellulis parvis. Rhizoidea ex amphigastriis. Folia oblique inserta, succuba, subquadrata, bifida, brevibus segmentis vel 1-2 cellularis. Amphigastria male formata, plerumque una serie 2-4 cellularum adjacentium. Inflorescentia masculina amentacea, in ramo longo ventrali vel in caule. Inflorescentia feminea in ramo brevi ventrali, bracteis bracteolisque in 3-4 seriebus, bifidis. Perianthium longum, tricarinatum supra, ore 6 laciniis longis.

Species Description - Plants small, green, highly variable, in patches or among other bryophytes. Stems to 1 cm or more long, irregularly branched, the branches ventral-intercalary, leafy or variously flagelliform; stem in transverse section of a layer of 3-6 rows of large cortical cells surrounding a medulla of 1-9 smaller cells. Rhizoids from the bases of the underleaves and the base of the female inflorescence. Line of leaf insertion oblique. Leaves subquadrate, bifid (in R. serrus), or of only 1 cell and the slime papilla (in R. monodactylus), patent. Underleaves of 2-4 adjacent cells across the stem, occasionally of 2 rows and now and then a slime papilla. Plants dioicous and monoicous. Male inflorescence terminal becoming intercalary on the stem or branch, catkin-like, the bifid bracts and the bracteoles in many series. Female inflorescence on a short leafy branch, the bracts and bracteoles in 2 or 3 series, the bracts bifid, the segments acuminate. Perianth cylindrical below, 3-keeled above, the mouth of 6 long lacineae.

Discussion:Cephalozia auct. p.p. Zoopsis auct. p.p. Type species: Cephalozia serra Spruce, 1882.