Monographs Details: Bazzania tayloriana (Mitt.) Kuntze
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1963. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part I. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 1-172.
Description:Species Description - Plants small, pale, glaucous-green, becoming deeply pigmented with brown; stems slender, delicate, to 3 cm or more in length, with leaves mostly 1.5 mm broad, prostrate; lateral branches occasional, diverging at a wide angle, the ventral branches frequent, usually leafy. Leaves approximate to subimbricate, vittate, spreading, plane, becoming somewhat deflexed beyond the middle, subrectangular, 0.7-1.0 mm long, mostly 0.5 mm broad at the base, little narrowed to the transversely truncate, conspicuously tridentate apex; teeth large, spreading, eight to ten cells long, four to six cells broad at the base, the sinuses deep, acute to rounded, the margins entire; leaf-cells quadrate in outline, uniformly thick-walled except those of the vitta, the lumina rounded, the cuticle very abundantly minutely punctate; cells of the apical portion mostly 16 X 16 µ, of the vitta, to 32 X 24 µ, the walls thin, the trigones conspicuous. Underleaves distant, hyaline throughout or a few cells at the base chlorophyllose, suberectangular in outline, broader than the stem above, 0.22-0.35 mm long, to 0.28 mm broad above, divided from one-half to one-fourth or less into usually four equal, blunt teeth, four to ten cells long, two or four cells broad, the sinuses acute, the margins entire, the cells quadrate to rectangular in outline, hyaline, the walls uniformly thickened. Sexual branches and sporophyte not seen. Fig. 53, a-d.

Discussion:Mastigobryum taylorianum Mitten in J. D. Hooker, Bot. Ant. Voy. 22 (FI. N. Zel.) : 117. pl. C, f. 5. 1854.
Distribution:Colombia South America| New Zealand