Monographs Details: Bazzania skottsbergii (Steph.) Fulford
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1963. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part I. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 1-172.
Description:Species Description - Plants of small to medium size, light greenish-brown to dark brown; stems to 3 cm or rarely to 5 cm long, with leaves mostly 2 mm broad, prostrate to ascending; lateral branches frequent, 3-5 mm apart, diverging at an acute angle; flagelliform branches frequent. Leaves imbricate, spreading to ascendent, plane, with a straight ventral margin, weakly ovate, mostly 1.5 mm long, 0.8 mm broad at the base, narrowed a little to the transversely truncate, tridentate apex; teeth two to four cells long, slender to spinose or obscure, the margin often serrulate to dentate; cell-walls thin but soon becoming thickened, the trigones small, the lumina angular-rounded, the cuticle often strongly verruculose; cells of the apical region mostly 24-27 µ. or more X 24 µ. Underleaves approximate or imbricate, broader than long and broader than the stem, connate with a pair of leaves, rarely recurved above, the upper margin rarely incised, more often with distant short spines or only serrate or even entire, with scattered hyaline cells, or one or two rows forming a hyaline border. Sexual branches and sporophyte not seen. Fig. 39, a-c.

Discussion:Mastigobrgum skottsbergii Stephani, Sv. Vet.-Akad. Handl. 46(9): 60. f. 22, i, k. 1911. Mastigobryum crebrerrimum Stephnni, Sv. Yet.-Akad. Handl. 46(9): 60. f. 22, c, d. 1911.
Distribution:Chile South America| Argentina South America|