Monographs Details: Pachyglossa
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1963. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part I. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 1-172.
Scientific Name:Pachyglossa
Description:Genus Description - Plants of small to medium size, erect, with stolon-like branches at the base, radially symmetric, greenish-brown to dark brown, in tufts or among other bryophytes. Rhizoids from the scale-like leaves of the flagelliform branches and the rhizome. Line of leaf insertion transverse, the ends slightly decurved. Leaves and underleaves ligulate to ovate, the apex blunt, retuse or very shortly bifid, pluristratose throughout (in one species only to the middle). Plants dioicous. Male inflorescence terminal, becoming intercalary on the stem or leafy branch, the bracts and bracteoles in few series, similar, like the leaves and underleaves, larger, in some with a large marginal tooth; antheridia in the axils of the bracts, the stalk uniseriate. Female inflorescence terminal on the stem or a leafy branch, without or with one or more innovations, the bracts and bracteoles in two or three series, similar to the leaves and underleaves, larger, of two or three layers of cells; archegonia less than 20. Perianth 3-keeled, deeply 3-parted above, or 4- or 5-plicate with the mouth 3-lobed. Sporophyte not seen.

Discussion:Pachyglossa Herzog, Rev. Bryol. Lichénol. 21: 256. 1952. (nomen nudum.) Type species, Jungermannia tenacifolia Hooker f. & T. Taylor.