Monographs Details: Lepidozia chiloensis Steph.
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1966. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part II. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 173-276.
Description:Species Description - Plants large, pale green, in deep, loose tufts; stems to 6 cm long, with leaves to 1.5 mm broad, regularly bipinnate, the lateral branches distant, to 2 cm long, the ventral branches not seen. Line of leaf insertion oblique. Stem leaves large, strongly concave, to 1.5 mm long, 1.9 mm wide quadrified to one-half, the dorsal base semicordate the margin often serrate, the ventral base appendiculate, both margins with several large teeth and a sharp spine at the base or at least distinctly dentate, segments long triangular from a 10- to 20-celled base, the apex slender to acuminate; cells of the base of the segment 18-27 µ X 18 µ, the walls thick, the cuticle smooth. Underleaves subquadrate to broadly oval, as broad or broader than the stem, quadrifid to one-third of their length, the segments to ten cells wide at the base, the margins of the lamina with one to three coarse teeth. Sexual branches and sporophyte not seen. Pl. 44. Fig. 25, a, b.

Distribution:Argentina South America| Chile South America|