Monographs Details: Paracromastigum subsimplex (Steph.) Fulford & J.Taylor
Authority: Fulford, Margaret H. 1966. Manual of the leafy Hepaticae of Latin America--Part II. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 11: 173-276.
Description:Species Description - Plants small, pale green, the leaves and underleaves often tinged with reddish-brown, appearing to be denuded, in tufts or among other bryophytes; stems slender, suberect, tending to be radial, to 4 cm or more long, with leaves to 0.3 mm broad, sparingly irregularly branched, the lateral branches long, leafy, the ventral branches long, leafy, of the Acromastigum type or ventral intercalary. Line of leaf insertion transverse. Stem leaves ovate-rectangular to subquadrate, with convex sides, occasionally with a short tooth on one or both margins, bifid (occasionally trifid) to one-half or one-third their length; segments triangular from a 4-6-celled base, ending in a tip of one or two cells; leaf-cells at the base of the segments 40-50 x 27 µ, the walls thickened, the cuticle smooth. Underleaves scarcely smaller than the leaves, trifid (rarely bifid) to one-third of their length. Male and female inflorescences and sporophyte not seen. Pl. 39. Fig. 1, a-f.


Lepidozia subsimplex Stephani, Sv. Vet.-akad. Handl. 46: 66. f. 24, r-s. 1911. Icon. Hep., Lepidozia No. 143.

Distribution:Argentina South America| Chile South America|