Monographs Details: Vaccinium pseudocorymbosum
Authority: Hollick, Charles A. 1927. The Flora of the Saint Eugene Silts, Kootenay Valley, British Columbia. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 389-428.
Description:Species Description - Leaf ovate-elliptical in shape, tapering above to an apiculate apex and rounded below to a cuneate base; margin minutely denticulate; nervation pinnate.



This leaf, although perfect in outline, does not show, clearly, the secondary nervation that might definitely determine its exact systematic status. In its general appearance, however, it is so strongly suggestive of the leaves of certain existing species of blueberry and huckleberry that I have but little hesitation in so referring it, generically. In particular it may be compared with leaves of Vactinium conjmbosum Linnaeus, which species was described and figured in the fossil form by the writer, the identification being based upon specimens from deposits of Pleistocene age in Maryland.

Vactinium corymbosum was also identified by Berry in Pleistocene deposits of Alabama, Maine, and North Carolina; but in no instance do the figures of the specimens show any indication of the fine denticulation that characterizes ours. It should be noted, however, that leaves of Vactinium corymbosum, in connection with its several forms or varieties, vary somewhat in shape and may be either entire or minutely denticulate.