Monographs Details: Ficus interglacialis Hollick
Authority: Hollick, Charles A. 1927. The Flora of the Saint Eugene Silts, Kootenay Valley, British Columbia. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 389-428.


Ficus inter glacialis Hollick, New York Bot. Gard., Jour. vol. 16, p. 44, pis. 152, 153. 1915.

"Ficus n. sp. (fruit)." Hollick, Summary Eept. (loc. cit.), p. 134.

The two plates, that represent a part of a fruiting branch of this species, are reproduced from those that served to illustrate the type specimen as above cited. PLATE 34 shows the specimen natural size. PLATE 35 shows the median part of the same specimen enlarged. It might be more or less satisfactorily compared with fruiting branches of any one of several existing species of fig, such as Ficus tecolutensis Miquel, native in Mexico, and F. populoides Warburg and F. populnea Willdenow, native in the West Indies, the last extending northward into Florida. In any event, its close specific relationship to this general type of fig can hardly be questioned.

Several species of Ficus, from Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary horizons, represented by fruit, have been described and figured but none of them indicates specific relationship with ours.