Monographs Details: Aspidosperma rigida Rusby
Authority: Rusby, Henry H. 1927. Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Plants Collected on the Mulford Biological Exploration of the Amazon Valley 1921-1922. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 205-387.
Description:Species Description - (Fruiting specimen.) Lower leaf-surfaces minutely papillose. Branchlets rigid, flexuous, irregularly and sharply angled, sharply nodose at the scars of the fallen leaves. Leaves to 1.5 dm. long and 5 cm. broad, oblong or oval, very abruptly contracted into a stout petiole about 5 mm. long, and similarly contracted at the summit into a short acute acumination, entire, thick and rigid, of a dull pale-green color, the midrib narrowly and sharply grooved above, strongly prominent beneath, the secondaries 10 or 12 on each side, not prominent, slender, widely spreading and lightly curved. Panicle terminating a branchlet of the preceding year, lax, in the type specimen bearing only two mature fruits but with numerous scars where other fruits or flowers have fallen. Fruits monocarpellary, stipitate, blackish. Stipe of the larger one 3 mm. long and broad, the body nearly 3 cm. long and broad, its dorsal outline about two thirds of a circle, the ventral margin straight or nearly so, and 2 cm. long. Margin of fruit not thickened, the surface finely papillose and wrinkled. Seeds to 2.5 cm. long, and 2 cm. broad, oval with one edge less curved, the body brown, 17 mm. long by 13 mm. broad, entirely surrounded by the blackish wing, of unequal breadth and bearing an intramarginal line, the margin entire.