Monographs Details: Turnera whitei Rusby
Authority: Rusby, Henry H. 1927. Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Plants Collected on the Mulford Biological Exploration of the Amazon Valley 1921-1922. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 205-387.
Scientific Name:Turnera whitei Rusby
Description:Species Description - Glabrous, except for some sericeous hairs on and near the buds and young flowers. Much branched, the branchlets short and leafy, the internodes mostly less than a third the length of their leaves, brown, angled. Basal leaf-glands not manifest. Petioles very short, margined, the blades 2.5 to 5 cm. long, 1 to 2 cm. wide, lance-oblong, short-acuminate at both ends, acute, thickish, very sharply serrulate, the teeth slightly salient, paler beneath, the brownish venation coarsely and strongly anastomosing, prominent on both sides, especially underneath. Flowers solitary or racemosely 2 to 5 in the axils, the very slender pedicel about as long as the flower, bearing a pair of minute linear bracts about or above the middle. Calyx 5 or 6 mm. long, campanulate, yellow with five greenish ribs continued into the triangular acuminate and acute teeth, which are a third of the length of the tube. Petals a half longer than the calyx, attached above the middle of the tube, broadly spatulate. Stamens attached near the base of the tube and about equaling it, the anther ovate, with cordate base and slightly inflexed acuminate summit. Ovary conic, more than half the length of the calyx-tube, the three styles distinct, nearly twice the length of the ovary, dilated upward, the stigmas copiously fimbriate. Fruit (mature?) globose, light-brown, 5 mm. long.

Species Description - Canamina, 4,000 feet, O. E. White, July 20, 1921 (no. 524). "A shrub, 4 to 6 feet high." Species related to T. Weddelliana Urb. & Rolfe.