Monographs Details: Salacia arborescens Rusby
Authority: Rusby, Henry H. 1927. Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Plants Collected on the Mulford Biological Exploration of the Amazon Valley 1921-1922. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 205-387.
Description:Species Description - (ANTHODON.) Glabrous, the branchlets slender, terete, or the upper portions of the internode lightly ribbed, the leaves opposite. Petioles 1 to 1.5 cm. long, stout, margined, the margins upcurved. Blades 1 to 1.5 dm. long, 4 to 8 cm. broad, ovate with rounded or obtuse base and obtuse or obtusish summit, shallowly and obtusely sinuate-dentate, tliickish, the slender venation very lightly prominent on both sides, the secondaries about 8 on a side, strongly ascending, connected by straightish veins. Cymes compound, at length recurved, little longer than the petioles, peduncled, densely flowered, the bracts and bractlets broader than long, mostly obtuse, the flowers sessile or subsessile, 2 or 3 mm. broad. Sepals about half the length of the petals, broader than long, the summit rounded. Petals oval or subrotund, with rounded summit. Disk crateriform, lightly sinuate. Stamens 3, about twice the length of the disk, or more, erect, extrorsely dehiscent. Stigma sessile, three-parted.

Species Description - Bopi Eiver Valley, 3,000 feet, 27. H. Rusby, September 2, 1921 (no. 562). A large tree on the river-bank.