Monographs Details: Pithecolobium bifoliolum
Authority: Rusby, Henry H. 1927. Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Plants Collected on the Mulford Biological Exploration of the Amazon Valley 1921-1922. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 205-387.
Scientific Name:Pithecolobium bifoliolum
Description:Species Description - Glabrous, the branchlets slender. Leaves 1-jugate, each petiolule (in the one leaf seen) bearing but one leaflet, the others being suppressed so as to make the leaf apparently only once pinnate. Petiole 1 cm. long, the petiolule a little shorter, the glands small and obscure. Leaflets subequal, 18 cm. long, 8 cm. wide, inequilaterally ovate, abruptly very short-acuminate and obtuse at the summit, the broad base very abruptly contracted, thin, pale-green, the venation very slender. Spike 4 dm. long, slenderly peduncled, recurved, the rachis very slender, looselyflowered, recurved, the flowers minutely bracted, subsessile. Calyx 1 mm. long, cupulate or urceolate, the teeth very small, acute. Corolla 10 mm. long, the tube two thirds of the length, the lobes ovate, acuto, 3-ribbed. Exserted portion of the very numerous, very slender stamens two or three times the length of the corolla, the filaments connate for about half of their length.

Discussion:This is possibly a variety of the preceding, to which its habit is very similar. It differs in its broader, solitary leaflets, with shorter petioles, and its longer flowers, the corolla-tube relatively much longer. (No. 959.)