Monographs Details: Oscillatoria articulata N.L.Gardner
Authority: Gardner, Nathaniel L. 1927. New Myxophyceae from Porto Rico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 1-144. pl. 1-23.
Description:Species Description - Plants aggregated into thin, aeruginous strata or scattered among other algae; trichomes long and flexuous, 2.8-3.2 diam., neither attenuated, uncinate, nor constricted at the dissepiments; cells quadrate to one-half or one-third as long as the diameter in rapid division; cross walls very conspicuous, at times as thick as the length of the adjacent cells; end cell rounded, wall not thickened.

Distribution and Ecology - Growing on mud and floating among other algae in a pool near Laguna Guanica, no. 1822, type; in a pool four kilometers north of Mayagiiez, nos. 1312 a, 1327 b, and 132!); on damp rocks about twelve kilometers north of Utuado, no. 1514 b.



This species of Oscillatoria is well marked by the conspicuity of the cross cells. They are very white and relatively wide, giving the trichomes the appearance of being jointed. It appears to be a relative of the tennis group.